Esya (esya) wrote,

Happy  birthday, Emily Bronte, wherever you are.

Хороший пример популярного у блогеров всего мира жанра, прочитай старую книгу новыми глазами. Авторшу я бы зафрендила :)
Посвящен дню рождения Эмили Бронте.

What do we learn from Emily Bronte's book? Wuthering Heights teaches us that:
1. You shouldn't marry only for money;
2. You shouldn't marry only for passion;
3. You shouldn't depend only on your significant other for self-definition;
4. You need to get away from the moors, out of the rain, and into a warm circle of good friends who will laugh you out of your depression before you start yelling somebody's name on the moor.
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